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The energy sector that we all depend on is in the midst of major transformations as very old fuels and electricity generating plants we’ve relied on become less acceptable in a carbon-restricted world. Energy security requirements and concerns about carbon pollution are leading major organizations to reduce dependence on the electricity grid and generate or purchase more renewable electricity.

All parties with a stake in the outcome of these major changes need information and access to planning for our energy future. Unlike other states, Alabama’s regulatory process provides almost no opportunity for customers to participate in expressing their preferences or understanding what is being decided on their behalf.  In the interest of transparency, Our Energy Freedom will, from time to time, connect customers with information about the changes underway in Alabama and other states. Knowledge can be powerful, and that power can increase our energy freedom if we use it.


Hosted by Joyce A. Lanning

  • Environmental policy analyst and educator
  • Former Board member League of Women Voters of Alabama and of Birmingham
  • Member of the Climate Change Task Force of the US League of Women Voters
  • Ph.D. in Administration/Health Services
  • Former faculty member, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Former adjunct instructor in Economics, Birmingham-Southern College
  • Regular observer at the Alabama Public Service Commission
  • Wife, mother, sister, volunteer – vitally interested in our energy choices and the legacy we’re leaving for the young of all species, including two grandchildren

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